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The Power of Travel

After traveling extensively and living overseas for many years, I’ve experienced firsthand the unique power of travel. I call it travel magic. It etches key moments into your memory, helps you understand the world a bit better, and connects you to people along the way. Deep, meaningful travel experiences shared with friends and family have transformed my life and created my most memorable moments.

This is why I founded Experi — to create and share the world's best travel experiences with others. Here on Bainbridge Island, our team of professional, creative, and travel-savvy experts are focused on the same mission. We don’t go everywhere. We don’t do everything. But we believe the destinations and travel specialties we offer are the best in the world and many of our guests agree.

I encourage you to learn more about our programs and consider joining us. We’d love to share the power of travel with you, your friends, and your family. Go experience!


P.S. I’d love to hear from you! Email your ideas, suggestions, or just your most meaningful travel experiences to me at rob@experi.com.

Why Travel with Experi

If you’re lucky, on each trip you have one of those perfect moments.

You find a moment of clarity. It could be while sitting quietly with friends, sipping an Italian espresso. Exploring Incan ruins outside Cusco. Or tasting a rare bottle from the cellars of a distinguished Medoc winery.

The logistics and hassles of travel fade into the background: the ambiance, your mood, the scenes of the day, the people you’re with - everything comes together to create a memory you’ll revisit for years ahead.

At Experi, creating these moments is our specialty.

We design immersive experiences, eliminating the hassle of travel, sharing with you the most wonderful aspects of each place, and allowing you to open up and see the world around you with new eyes.

Join us to experience one of these moments for yourself.

Barrachi Winery

Exclusive Experiences

Experiences you won’t find anywhere else. We do the work up front on our exclusive itineraries, offer extensive local connections, and enable access to private experiences so you can be in the moment, enjoying every moment of your trip.

Cuba organic farm smaller

Expert Guides

Come away with family stories, special memories, and insider knowledge. Your small group is always intimately led by the most knowledgeable, charming, and experienced travel director and also supplemented by local guides with expert knowledge.


Engaging Itineraries

Learn throughout as your itinerary is designed to educate and stimulate, engage and enlighten, and have fun along the way. Experience first-hand historical and cultural points of interest. Spark your curiosity, engage new ideas and meet interesting people.


Small Groups

Traveling in small groups is simply better. It's less intrusive — a more nimble way to travel. In a small group, you’ll have a more intimate, authentic experience connecting with other like-minded travelers, the destination, and its people.

cooking class

Select Travelers

Create your own private departure or join one of our exclusive groups and spend time with a select group of like-minded travelers. Travel in a worry-free environment that allows you to engage with the place and experiences, and connect with each other around shared interests.

Twilight in Florence, Italy.

Old-World Hospitality

Relax as you encounter old-world service and support throughout your trip. Know that we have vetted every step, covered every detail and often handled every inconvenience before it arises, no matter the situation.

Organize your Own Private Departure

We are passionate about the power of travel. It has the ability to educate, illuminate, and put life in perspective. It frequently challenges you to think in new ways. It is an accelerant for creating and sustaining relationships.

How can it transform your organization? Your extended family?

We believe there is nothing more important than meaningful relationships. And there is nothing better to create and sustain them than traveling together. It is one of the most powerful tools - a secret weapon - that many of the most successful organizations and connected families use to build and grow their most important relationships.

Rather than marketing to your key members for a short-term benefit, travel with them and build a relationship for life. Take the time to travel together and build the family bonds that last a lifetime.

Creating meaningful shared experiences together could just be the best investment you will ever make, both professionally and personally.

Friends around the table


Connect with your current members. Our programs are designed for you to relax, enjoy, explore and focus on experiences that enhance connections in some of the world's best destinations.

Day 4


Grow your membership by offering something unique and exclusive. We work with leading organizations to offer travel experiences exclusively for their members.



Build brand awareness in your industry and to your members. Today, people are looking for experiences to share and connect to your brand. Traveling together offers one of the best solutions.

Making tortellini in a hands-on cooking workshop


Explore new destinations, and spend time together experiencing unique traditions and cultures. Learn from local artisans, craftspeople, specialists, and others in their shops, homes, and establishments.

Why Work with Experi?

Day 3

Over 10 years working with leading organizations and families to craft private travel experiences.

Alexandre III bridge across the Seine, Paris

Long-standing travel expertise and local connections for unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Alaska Day 2 - Relaxing on boat

Exclusive itineraries, accommodations, special guests, and other experiences not available to the general traveler.

Castello La Leccia

Dedicated Experi service team and expert guides are on the ground throughout so you can relax and enjoy the experience.


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