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Fresh panzanella salad made with organic garden tomatoes and basil and enjoyed in Costa Rica

Panzanella: A Taste of Tuscan Cuisine

Tuscany’s longstanding answer to a summery tomato sandwich has to be panzanella. Think of it as a Italian “bread salad” with ripe garden vegetables. What could be better? Tuscan cuisine is delicious yet unpretentious. It takes a lot of inspiration from home cooking and peasant origins, with its defining phrase “cucina povera” meaning “poor cooking.”…

Lyon gastronomy, wine

A Food and Wine Lover’s Guide to Lyon Gastronomy

Known as a hub for gastronomic delights, discover some of the dishes and culinary traditions Lyon is famous for, and learn why this French city is regarded as one of the preeminent food capitals of the world.

Provence Food Market

The Ultimate Guide to Rhône Valley Gastronomy

With an abundance of local specialities and world-renowned dishes, the Rhône Valley is a mouthwatering region home to iconic gastronomic contributions.   

Rhone Valley

Rhône Valley — A Culture Shaped by Wine

Along with its breathtaking natural beauty, a constant feature of Southern France’s Rhône Valley has to be its tie to all things viticulture. This is definitely wine country and it has been for thousands of years. Within these thousands of years came many shifts — changes in what grapes were being grown, how they were…

wine regions of the Rhône Valley

Top Picks for Rhône Valley Wine

Southern France’s Rhône Valley has long been synonymous with wine culture — think thousands of years, not just hundreds. While the first wine grapes were planted in France sometime during the 4th century B.C. and brought in by the Greeks, it’s the Romans we have to thank for the incredible quality and diversity of the…

Perouges Medieval Village. Photo: Winston Mcleod CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr commons

Exploring the Medieval Villages of the Rhône Valley

France’s Rhône Valley is world famous for wine, but it’s also a region filled with history and architecture, elaborate medieval villages, and white-stone castles.


Discover the History of the Rhône Valley: 4 Must-See Historic Sites

With multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thousands of years of civilization, France’s Rhône Valley region is chock-full of historic places to explore.


5 Educational Experiences to Enjoy in Provence

Provence is a region in southern France steeped in sunshine, delicious food, and unimpeachable wine selections. Whether you’re recreating the artistic path of Van Gogh or trying to teach yourself the art of perfumery, Provence has myriad interests to delight both the casual enthusiast or the invested auteur. Read on to discover five educational experiences…


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