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8 Reasons You Need to Go on a Food & Wine Tour Right Now

From Spain to Vietnam, Argentina and beyond, unique travel experiences exist in every corner of the world. So what makes food and wine tours unique?

Between historic monuments, natural wonders, and other awe-inspiring attractions, one of the best and (in our opinion) most enjoyable ways to experience and learn about the world and its many cultures is through food and wine.

If you’re thinking about embarking on a food and wine tour but have questions, want more information, or are just curious about learning more, you’ve come to the right place.


food and wine tours connect people to cultures

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1. Food and Wine Tours Connect Travelers to Different Cultures

Throughout history, food and wine has played a major role in shaping different cultures. More than a source of sustenance, food has served as a commodity, status symbol, and a way of connecting with others. And every culture has a food it is known and celebrated for. From the totally weird to the widely renowned, the cuisines of the world provide a unique lens in which to experience different cultures.

Whether learning how to make fresh pasta by hand in Tuscany, seeing how wine is made in Bordeaux, or sinking your teeth into traditional street fare in Cuba, food and wine tours offer travelers an immersive way to experience and better understand the world around them.


food and wine tours save travelers time (and stress)

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2. Food and Wine Tours Save Travelers Time (and Stress)

If you’ve ever planned a trip before, you know it can be time consuming and stressful. From organizing transportation and accommodations, to piecing together an itinerary complete with must-see landmarks and other tourist-worthy stops, trip planning can be downright daunting.

This is especially true for food and wine focused travel. Where do the locals eat? What family-owned wineries are worth a trek off the beaten path? Sure, you can spend hours scouring the web for resources and guides on the best places to wine and dine around the world, or you can let an experienced travel company eliminate the guesswork and plan the perfect itinerary for you.

With itineraries, accommodations, meals, and transportation full planned by the experts, travelers have more time to spend exploring wineries, wandering through vineyards, relaxing at restaurants, and discovering other must-see destinations.


food and wine tours provide travelers with access to unique experiences

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3. Food and Wine Tours Provide Travelers With Access to Unique Experiences

In addition to saving travelers time, guided food and wine tours also provide travelers with unique experiences not available to the general public.

Experienced travel companies choose the best restaurants, vineyards, and other places to visit, saving travelers the frustration of guessing where to go or what to do. With the help of expert travel directors, travelers can sit back, relax, and enjoy every minute of their trip, which may include dinner at a five-star restaurant, meet and greets with renowned winemakers and chefs, private lunches in a travel director’s backyard, and other behind-the-scenes and exclusive experiences.

During tours, travel directors and other experts are available to answer questions, share history, and provide a wealth of valuable information, meaning travelers return home not only with memories of their experience, but a deep understanding of everything from how the world’s best bread is made, to what makes Amalfi lemons so sweet, for example.


experienced travel directors connect travelers with local experts

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4. Food and Wine Tours Connect Travelers with Local Experts

Working with experienced travel directors who have close relationships with local experts is key to providing travelers with access to one-of-a-kind experiences.

When you know an area inside and out, you’re bound to meet the people who help make that place special. Experienced travel directors utilize their relationships with local winemakers, chefs, and other experts to create incredible experiences.

From meet and greets to private workshops, travel companies and the experts they work with collaborate to create travel experiences unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


food and wine tours are educational experiences

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5. Food and Wine Tours Are an Educational Experience

Food and wine lovers looking to take their interest to the next level can get their fill with a food and wine tour.

Because food and wine tours are led by expert travel directors and include meet and greets with chefs, winemakers, and other experts, the tours quickly become an educational experience.

What’s more, many tours include cooking classes where travelers can learn useful skills and gain experience cooking with new ingredients.


more than food and wine

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6. More Than Just Food and Wine

While food and wine are the focus of these tours, other activities and excursions are sprinkled throughout to ensure travelers don’t miss a thing.

Between visiting wineries and local markets, participating in cooking classes, and dining at the best restaurants, tours also include stops at some of the most celebrated places in the world. For example, tours in Peru include stops at historic and world-renowned sites like Machu Piccu, while trips to northern Italy include walking tours of Florence’s most famous sites.

Curated itineraries mean there’s always something to do, but travelers interested in venturing out on their own or taking a break are welcome to do so. Want to plan a mini excursion of your own? Your travel director can help.


food and wine tours help build relationships

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7. Food and Wine Tours Help Build Relationships

The concept of group tours can be a deterrent for some travelers, but small, intimate tours centered on shared interests often can become the highlight of a trip.

When paired with like-minded individuals, meaningful connections and friendships quickly are forged, creating an elevated experience for everyone involved. (And, it’s not so hard to bond with fellow travelers when seated around a table enjoying delicious food and wine together.)


food and wine tours provide lasting memories

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8. Food and Wine Tours Create Lasting Memories

Food and wine tours leave travelers with lasting memories that trigger all of their senses. The texture of a just-picked wine grape popping in your mouth. The smell of fresh-baked pastries drifting out the door of a Parisian bakery. The sharp, complex taste of perfectly aged Parmigiano-Reggiano. The sound of wine glasses clinking after a toast. The sight of a masterfully prepared feast on a table, crowded with new friends.

While photographs and videos can capture elements of what a food and wine tour provides, to fully understand and appreciate all these tour have to offer, a traveler must experience them firsthand.



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