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Empty Nesters Guide to Travel

Our new Southern California friends, Empty Nesters Suzanne and Craig Stavert have a great deal in common with us because they too are passionate about delicious food and intriguing travel destinations. Through her blog Adventures of Empty Nesters as well as her Instagram, Suzanne is able to inspire others to find adventure beyond raising a family in this next chapter of life. Adventures of Empty Nesters provides the perfect platform where they can share details of their expertise and enthusiasm for travel, fabulous restaurants, and midlife experiences.

What is better than having the freedom to explore, initiate creative ideas and savor the good life? Life without kids, no school activities, nothing but time to focus on new horizons. Sounds pretty awesome right?  


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Spectacular vistas in every direction from a wine estate in St Helena, California

Empty Nesters: Start life 2.0 right with travel

Welcome to the extra special world of the empty nest! We are Suzanne and Craig Stavert, expert empty nesters, travelers and fun-loving adventurers. It is exciting for us to share our personal blog and travel stories with our friends at Experi.

What is life without adventure? Now that our children are grown and happily living on their own, it is time to refocus on our dreams and desires! I created Adventures of Empty Nesters in January 2014 to help bring together a global community of people who don’t plan to spend this valuable time in life sitting on the couch, but to thoroughly embrace it!


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Fresh panzanella salad made with organic garden tomatoes and basil and enjoyed in Costa Rica

Explore with adult children

What does Life 2.0 look like now that there is no need to focus on the daily activities of the family? Let me tell you, the view is pretty sweet from where we sit! We have time to dream about new projects, new directions, and wonderful new ideas for the future.

Craig and I absolutely adore our grown children Alex, 28 and Nick, 24 and our fabulous foursome has experienced some amazing adventures and we always have a ton of fun. We have taken them on many incredible trips to fantastic destinations and because of these experiences, as adults, they are now both avid travelers.

Travel is such a great way to discover the world, to grow as a couple and as empty nesters. We can have it all! No longer tethered to a daily routine filled with homework and sports activities, we have complete control of our own schedule.


03 16 empty nesters 3

Attending a special food and wine event is always a favorite

Plan now for discoveries later

Every year we create a new plan for our next series of adventures. We like to mix it up by sometimes choosing to stay right here in the United States or we may try new exotic destinations we have not yet traveled to before. We enjoy big cities, luxury hotels, and fabulous chef-inspired restaurants. In addition, we have a splendid time exploring bookstores, discovering local music, and perusing museums. With the whole world as a potential destination, it can be difficult to choose where to go, but doing the research is part of the fun!

We have been fortunate to visit some incredibly interesting, wildly exciting locations like Curacao, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, England, and Costa Rica. The tropical Hawaiian Islands are one of our very favorite spots to relax and unwind as well. We also love to spend quality time in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Napa Valley.


03 16 empty nesters 1

Discovering lovely grapes in every vineyard we visit

Travel authentically

Our goal is to not only visit the unique tourist spots, but also to dig a little deeper into each city. We spend time visiting the local farmer’s markets, sipping cold drinks on the beach while watching the sunset, and checking out what’s happening on the local restaurant scene. After each exhilarating adventure, we share lots of colorful details and photos of these spectacular trips on the blog.  

Extraordinary wine, classic handcrafted cocktails, and down to earth farm-to-table cuisine are some of our favorite foodie adventures! We are always happy to indulge by eating juicy, freshly picked produce and pair it with rich, fresh cheese and tangy herbs and spices. To enjoy dishes created by chefs who serve their hearts on a plate is this empty nester’s dream experience.

Life doesn’t end with an empty nest. It can be the starting point for a new chapter! Be happy and proud of the family you have nurtured for two decades, but now it is your turn for adventure. Focus on YOU and your dreams. Now is the time to make your travel plans, enjoy the ride and find adventure!

Want to start your empty nester travels?

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