Mauro of Assaggio Ristorante

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Mauro of Assaggio Ristorante

Join Mauro Golmarvi on two unforgettable trips to Northern Italy and Sicily in 2017.

Mauro has spent over 46 years in Italy, building deep friendships with winemakers and developing an intimate knowledge of the country's many wine regions. Combined with Connie's avid interest in Renaissance Art, the pair enjoy sharing the best experiences Italy has to offer with their closest friends and travel companions.

On these two exclusive experiences, learn about Northern Italian winemaking culture, from its centuries-old history to modern-day techniques — or savor all that is Sicily, a mythical land that rivals Greek architecture and boasts culinary delights straight from the sun and sea — complete with yoga alongside Mauro and Connie.

Space is limited to 10 couples on each trip, so reserve your space now!

Northern Italy

Jun 25 — Jul 2, 2017

Discover wine varietals indigenous to this fertile land, and meet third-generation winemakers and families rooted in tradition.


Oct 20 — 27, 2017

Succumb to the allure of the Sicilian breeze, the magnetic people, vibrant cuisine, and dramatic landscapes.

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