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Mercer Wine Estates


Mercer Wine Estates


The Mercer Wine Estates family farm lies within the Horse Heaven Hills of eastern Washington State. The Mercer family grows an assortment of fruits and vegetables, but most importantly wine grapes! The winery began in 2005 with a production facility in Prosser, Washington. Mercer offers three tiers of wines and many varietals. In both farming and winery practices, Mercer Wine Estates maintains the long-standing belief that sustainability and conservation are the single most important factors to success.

Winemaker Jeremy Santo grew up in Prosser and has shared the Mercer family’s passion for sustainability in agriculture and winemaking. He joins the Mercer Wine Estates team dedicated to crafting world-class Washington wines.

Mercer Wine Estates invites you to travel with them through Europe’s renowned wine regions.

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May 17 – 25, 2019

See firsthand the rich cultural history of the Castilla y León area and its relationship to art, viticulture, and gastronomy.