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We are passionate about the power of travel. It has the ability to educate, illuminate, and put life in perspective. It frequently challenges you to think in new ways. It is an accelerant for creating and sustaining relationships.

How can it transform your organization? Your extended family?

We believe there is nothing more important than meaningful relationships. And there is nothing better to create and sustain them than traveling together. It is one of the most powerful tools - a secret weapon - that many of the most successful organizations and connected families use to build and grow their most important relationships.

Rather than marketing to your key members for a short-term benefit, travel with them and build a relationship for life. Take the time to travel together and build the family bonds that last a lifetime.

Creating meaningful shared experiences together could just be the best investment you will ever make, both professionally and personally.

Why Consider Travel?

Friends around the table


Connect with your current members. Our programs are designed for you to relax, enjoy, explore and focus on experiences that enhance connections in some of the world's best destinations.

Day 4


Grow your membership by offering something unique and exclusive. We work with leading organizations to offer travel experiences exclusively for their members.



Build brand awareness in your industry and to your members. Today, people are looking for experiences to share and connect to your brand. Traveling together offers one of the best solutions.

Making tortellini in a hands-on cooking workshop


Explore new destinations, and spend time together experiencing unique traditions and cultures. Learn from local artisans, craftspeople, specialists, and others in their shops, homes, and establishments.

Why Partner with Experi?

Over 10 years working with leading organizations and families to craft private travel experiences.

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Alexandre III bridge across the Seine, Paris

Long-standing travel expertise and local connections for unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Exclusive itineraries, accommodations, special guests, and other experiences not available to the general traveler.

Alaska Day 2 - Relaxing on boat
Castello La Leccia

Dedicated Experi service team and expert guides are on the ground throughout so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Ready to Organize your Own Private Travel Program?

Or contact us today at 206.905.4260 or for more information on how we can help you create your own private travel program.

Where we go


Taste your way through the world-renowned wine region of Bordeaux.


We invite you to join us on a food and wine exploration of Spain’s Basque Country.


Experience the Mediterranean as it once was during this memorable journey.


Uncover Cuba’s charisma while learning about its rapidly changing culture and flavorful cuisine.


Succumb to the allure of the Sicilian breeze, the magnetic people, vibrant cuisine, and dramatic landscapes.


Discover Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, with over 400 miles of beautiful coastline.


See firsthand the rich cultural history of the Castilla y León area and its relationship to art, viticulture, and gastronomy.


Learn about the winemaking culture of Northern Italy, from its centuries-old history to modern-day techniques.


Escape to the sophisticated and sumptuous South of France for a taste of the good life.


Come together and raise a glass to the irresistible heart of Tuscany.


Discover dramatic landscapes – from Pacific Northwestern vineyards to calving glaciers in Alaska.


Taste your way through the amazing melting pot of cuisine and culture in Peru.


Savor the flavors of the world’s most renowned wine regions.


Rare, compelling, and surprising, Vietnam hums with vibrancy.


More destinations to explore coming soon.

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Hiking the Hills of Cortona

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