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Travel Inspiration

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4 Ways Travel Can Boost Engagement With Your Professional Association

If you’re on LinkedIn, chances are fair that you have at least heard of a professional association. In Seattle alone, there are more than 250 of these associations. They represent groups across the alphabet from the “Association for Corporate Growth” to “Young Travel Professionals.”  While every group operates in their own way, there are some…

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Experi Winery Experiences

The Best Winery Events and Experiences of Napa Valley

In the mid 1970’s, only 25 wineries lined the valleys and hills of the Napa and Sonoma wine regions. That number has now blossomed to more than 400. This leads to a unique challenge for Napa wineries to create fantastic experiences to stand out and attract guests and club members. To see how top wineries…

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Experi Travel Tuscany

Winery Travel – Why Travel With Your Wine Club and Customers?

When it comes to telling their story and cultivating a dedicated following, wineries can often use help. This is arguably as important as crafting great wines, and this is where winery travel can be a useful tool.

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Differentiation Through Experience — Enhancing the Wine Club Model

Wine clubs are one of the most important tools winemakers utilize to increase engagement with their patrons. Clubs enable the tasting room staff to turn a guest’s short visit into a lasting — and profitable — relationship. Direct to Consumer sales were responsible for 60 percent of wine revenue in 2017, and wine clubs comprise…

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specialty travel

Specialty Travel: A Better Way to Experience the World

Specialty, small group travel is a magical thing. When done right, it has the power to connect travelers to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, foster meaningful relationships, and create memories to last a lifetime.

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What Makes Experi Different from Other Travel Companies?

What Makes Experi Different from Other Tour Operators?

Not all tour operators and travel companies are created equal. At Experi, we strive to provide our guests with the best in authentic, specialty travel.

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educational family travel

5 Places to Visit for the Ultimate Educational Family Travel Experience

Vacations are a great way for families to unplug from work, home, and school, but if you’re craving something more illuminating, active, and stimulating for the family, educational family travel might be the answer.

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Traveling with wine

Expert Tips for Traveling with Wine

Whether you’re going to Sonoma or Sicily and want to bring a few bottles home with you, or you’re heading to Hawaii for a family vacation and want to transport a selection from your own cellar, the following tips will help make traveling with wine a cinch.

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