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7 Benefits of Stress-Free Travel with Experi

Few things are as relaxing as unplugging from the daily grind and enjoying an experiential trip abroad. Often, however, planning for such a reprieve can be stress inducing in itself. From coordinating transportation and reserving accommodations, one report from the online statistic, market research, and business intelligence portal Statista revealed 30 percent of female respondents named packing as the biggest stressor before a vacation. Couple this with missed connecting flights and lost baggage, and it’s no surprise that the opportunity for stress-free travel is worth the cost for certain travelers.

If traveling abroad intrigues you but the thought of planning it all stirs feelings of anxiety, stress-free travel with companies like Experi can help put your mind at ease. With its helpful team of travel experts, guest services specialists, and local guides, Experi trips are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Engaging itineraries

One of the most challenging parts of preparing for a trip abroad is planning an itinerary. Guidebooks and online research can help point travelers in the right direction, but discovering coveted local hangouts and the best-kept secrets of a place aren’t things you can easily just Google. At Experi, our handcrafted itineraries are the result of years spent exploring the world’s best destinations in search of awe-inspiring experiences and hidden gems. What’s more, we partner with local guides, chefs, winemakers, and other experts to provide our guests with meaningful experiences they won’t find anywhere else.

stress-free travel with experi

Hands-on cooking classes, wine tastings, and vineyard tours are just a few of the types of experiences Experi guests can expect to enjoy when traveling with Experi.

Exclusive experiences

Having spent years traveling the world in search of the best food and wine experiences, Experi prides itself in offering exclusive, high-quality experiences to its guests. From hands-on cooking classes with local chefs, to private vineyard tours with winemakers, the activities included on Experi itineraries are educational, meaningful, and absolutely unforgettable.

On-the-ground assistance

When guests need assistance during their trip, they find comfort in knowing that every Experi itinerary is accompanied by an experienced travel director who is able to answer questions and provide guests with other support as needed. Having the trusted support of a travel director available throughout the duration of a trip is not only helpful, it’s a luxury travelers won’t easily find elsewhere and a key component of stress-free travel.

stress-free travel with experi

Need help with something? Have a question? Experienced travel directors are available on all Experi itineraries to provide on-the-ground support for guests.

Included transportation

Planning an itinerary is a big job, but planning how to get to and from all of the places on your itinerary can sometimes be even more challenging. From mapping your own route to figuring out bus schedules, getting from point A to B isn’t always easy, particularly when navigating in a foreign language. Thankfully, Experi guests never have to worry about transportation. From the moment our guests arrive at the airport, their transportation needs are taken care of. From the airport to their accommodations, to each of the destinations included on their itinerary, our guests’ transportation needs are taken care of from finish to start.

Specialty accommodations

One of the greatest benefits of traveling with Experi is access to high-quality and exclusive accommodations. Our knowledgeable team works with local experts to find the best accommodations for our guests. From chic hotels to luxury winery resorts, Experi guests always enjoy high-quality accommodations, complete with high-end amenities and quality guest services. Skip the dubious TripAdvisor reviews — we’ve done the research for you.

stress-free travel with experi

After a long day of wine tastings, sightseeing, and cooking classes, enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your quaint and charming accommodations.

Guest support from beginning to end

From before a guest even books a trip with Experi, our guest services teams is available to answer questions and provide the support necessary for our guests to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Whether a guest has a dietary restriction, medical condition, or requires other specialty care and attention, our team works hard to ensure all of our guests’ needs are taken care of. Are you among the 30 percent of female travelers who gets stressed about packing? A member of our guest services team can tell you exactly what to bring on a trip, ensuring you have everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Not sure what type of travel insurance to purchase? Our expert team can refer you to a plan that meets what you’re looking for. Have a question about early arrival accommodations and transfer help? Our guest services team can help coordinate all of this and more, so you don’t have to. No matter your travel need, Experi’s knowledgeable team is available to help.

Peace of mind

Travel doesn’t have to be stressful. By working with a company like Experi, travelers can enjoy all the benefits of stress-free travel without any of the drawbacks. In fact, when travelers have more time to relax, there are a number of health benefits — including stress reduction —they can enjoy while traveling. From reduced stressed to increased creativity, when done correctly, travel can unlock a world of health benefits — and a lifetime of good memories.

stress-free travel with experi

Experi’s guest services team is available to provide guest support before, during, and after each trip.

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