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We create meaningful, shared travel experiences

Experi handcrafts and operates its own specialty travel companies, leading small groups to the world’s best destinations. We make travel truly memorable by handling everything from expert itineraries to unique insider access. Our strong local relationships and long-standing expertise turn each exclusive program into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Travel deeply. Travel together.

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We believe great travel is transformative. So we craft engaging programs that inspire, teach, illuminate, and connect each destination and traveler.



We believe who you travel with is just as important as where you go. So we bring together like-minded people to share their knowledge, insights, and unique passion while traveling.



We believe in focusing our expertise on the world's best destinations. So rather than go everywhere, we offer a curated selection of programs to the most interesting, unique, and culturally rich destinations.



We believe in the power of authentic experiences. So we travel deeply by developing relationships, learning hands-on, and uncovering the distinct aspects of each destination that create lifelong memories.

Our Travel Collection


Curated travel experiences for food & wine enthusiasts.


N. Italy

Our weeklong food and wine tour was a beautifully researched banquet for the senses!

— Cathy



[Our guides] saw to it that our experiences well exceeded our expectations. They both are so wise and knowledgeable, and their verve and pride in their beautiful Italia was infectious!!!

— Beth

Atrani, on the Amalfi Coast near Naples in Southern Italy. Photo: Paolo Costa Baldi CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Amalfi Coast

We tasted the best lemons in the world, saw an olive oil pressing farm, toured a famous mansion and, of course, tasted much good food and excellent wine along the way… I felt safe, taken care of, and appreciated. It was an amazing trip, and I will always treasure the experience!

— Nancy

Havana, Cuba


I felt very secure and pampered. All our needs were well-addressed, and there was truly a desire to impress us.

— Rhyan


Home to a thousand unspoiled islands, serene coves, and medieval white-stone ports. To sun-bleached beaches where people have stood for centuries to view the famed sunsets of Zadar. Croatia — an astonishing spectacle of color and natural beauty.


Cuba is always on the move, full of life and energy. From warm breezes drifting by, to salsa dancers twirling in the streets, and vintage cars cruising along the waterfront. Cuba — the land of charisma and flavor.


With its luxurious blend of relaxed countryside, turquoise coasts, and stylish cities, there’s no rival to French sophistication. Sun-drenched hills, herb-scented breezes, vine-ripened grapes — France is elegance at every turn.


Bold and full of vigor. Rustic and green-hilled and dripping with red wine. Italy is where food and drink make you shout salute! Where laughter rings through walled mountain towns and rolling vineyards. Where you always feel like family.


The mist and greenery of the exotic Amazon. The lofty magnificence of Machu Picchu. The sleek capital city of Lima. With its diverse cultures, broad influences, and exquisite natural beauty, Peru enchants all who enter its lush borders.


Home to delicious tapas and lively flamenco. Full-bodied red wines and intricate Baroque architecture. Charming terracotta villages with views of the Basque Country. Spain is the homeland of electrifying culture and breathtaking landscapes.


An expansive land. A universe in its own right with rich culture, varied people, and a geography so vast it spans rainforest and desert, mountains and plains. America’s oldest tradition is self-exploration. Celebrate that way of life by traveling wilder.


A country to be seen many ways. The whirling, vibrant cities by foot or bicycle. Deltas and rice paddies by sampan. Halong Bay by large-sailed junk boat. Vietnam — a Southeast Asian gem.



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