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“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world, to become young fools again - to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.” ― Pico Iyer

If you’re lucky, on each trip you have one of those perfect moments.

You find a moment of clarity. It could be while sitting quietly with friends, sipping an Italian espresso. Exploring Incan ruins outside Cusco. Or tasting a rare bottle from the cellars of a distinguished Medoc winery.

The logistics and hassles of travel fade into the background: the ambiance, your mood, the scenes of the day, the people you’re with - everything comes together to create a memory you’ll revisit for years ahead.

At Experi, creating these moments is our specialty.

We design immersive experiences, eliminating the hassle of travel, sharing with you the most wonderful aspects of each place, and allowing you to open up and see the world around you with new eyes.

Join us to experience one of these moments for yourself.

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Why Travel with Experi?

Barrachi Winery

Exclusive Experiences

Experiences you won’t find anywhere else. We do the work up front on our exclusive itineraries, offer extensive local connections, and enable access to private experiences so you can be in the moment, enjoying every moment of your trip.

Cuba organic farm smaller

Expert Guides

Come away with family stories, special memories, and insider knowledge. Your small group is always intimately led by the most knowledgeable, charming, and experienced travel director and also supplemented by local guides with expert knowledge.


Engaging Itineraries

Learn throughout as your itinerary is designed to educate and stimulate, engage and enlighten, and have fun along the way. Experience first-hand historical and cultural points of interest. Spark your curiosity, engage new ideas and meet interesting people.


Small Groups

Traveling in small groups is simply better. It's less intrusive — a more nimble way to travel. In a small group, you’ll have a more intimate, authentic experience connecting with other like-minded travelers, the destination, and its people.


Select Travelers

Create your own private departure or join one of our exclusive groups and spend time with a select group of like-minded travelers. Travel in a worry-free environment that allows you to engage with the place and experiences, and connect with each other around shared interests.

Twilight in Florence, Italy.

Old-World Hospitality

Relax as you encounter old-world service and support throughout your trip. Know that we have vetted every step, covered every detail and often handled every inconvenience before it arises, no matter the situation.

What Guests are Saying

“Marco was simply the very best. He was completely knowledgeable with a great historical understanding, and a real entertainer.”

Tuscany | May 2017
Image is not available

“Danilo was wonderful. He was extremely informative, friendly, and adjustable to our desires. I think he made our trip outstanding!”

Cuba | March 2017
Image is not available

“We really enjoyed ourselves. This is our second trip with Experi, looking forward to the third!”

Provence | October 2017
Image is not available

“I have to say, our guide (Bruno) was a bonus for the trip. His personality, knowledge, and connections were great.”

Spain | November 2017
Image is not available

“Wine, wine, and more wine. Fellowship with a great group.”

Spain | November 2017
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Where we go


Taste your way through the world-renowned wine region of Bordeaux.


We invite you to join us on a food and wine exploration of Spain’s Basque Country.


Experience the Mediterranean as it once was during this memorable journey.


Uncover Cuba’s charisma while learning about its rapidly changing culture and flavorful cuisine.


Succumb to the allure of the Sicilian breeze, the magnetic people, vibrant cuisine, and dramatic landscapes.


Discover Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, with over 400 miles of beautiful coastline.


See firsthand the rich cultural history of the Castilla y León area and its relationship to art, viticulture, and gastronomy.


Learn about the winemaking culture of Northern Italy, from its centuries-old history to modern-day techniques.


Escape to the sophisticated and sumptuous South of France for a taste of the good life.


Come together and raise a glass to the irresistible heart of Tuscany.


Discover dramatic landscapes – from Pacific Northwestern vineyards to calving glaciers in Alaska.


Taste your way through the amazing melting pot of cuisine and culture in Peru.


Savor the flavors of the world’s most renowned wine regions.


Rare, compelling, and surprising, Vietnam hums with vibrancy.


More destinations to explore coming soon.

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