Exclusive Wine & Food Journeys With

:Nota Bene Cellars

Exclusive Wine & Food Journeys With

Nota Bene Cellars

:Nota Bene Cellars traces its legacy from the Négociant, a French winemaker who sourced grapes from disparate growers to craft a wholly unique wine not available to standalone vineyards. The Négociant grew in notoriety by pinpointing the finest grapes and showcasing them as varietals or crafting them into an elaborate and unique blend.

In four decades of winemaking, Master vintner Tim Narby has perfected this practice in the Pacific Northwest, highlighting the varietals and blending intricate gorgeous wines known for their big flavor spotlighting the underappreciated and sophisticated Washington grape varieties.

Join Tim and Carol on these private, small-group experiences to some of the world's best wine destinations.

The Rhône River

Exploration of the the Rhône Valley and Provence by river ship

April 28 - May 5, 2024

Join your hosts Tim and Carol from :Nota Bene Cellars as you discover the history, culture, and gastronomic traditions of the acclaimed wine region of Rhône Valley.

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