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4 Ways Travel Can Boost Engagement With Your Professional Association

If you’re on LinkedIn, chances are fair that you have at least heard of a professional association. In Seattle alone, there are more than 250 of these associations. They represent groups across the alphabet from the “Association for Corporate Growth” to “Young Travel Professionals.” 

While every group operates in their own way, there are some typical commonalities. Attend meetings, join conferences, access specialized resources, and, on occasion, attend a party or other special function. Members benefit from networking, accessing jobs, advocating for their industry, and staying on the edge of their field.

While these associations are invaluable, they don’t always provide opportunities for members to develop deep relationships and have fun together. We’re exploring four reasons why group travel solves these and other problems and boosts engagement with your group.

1) Epic Networking Opportunities

Whether backpacking in the Canadian Rockies or tasting wines together in Tuscany, group travel is an invaluable way to dedicate quality time to networking and connecting in a deeper way. Companies like Experi help operate private trips for these groups to explore the world together. All the while, they create space and time to deepen professional bonds. In a world of hyper-connectedness, dedicated time abroad together is one of the best ways to deepen relationships.  

2) Unique Programming That Sets Your Association Apart

Professional associations face extreme competition in efforts to recruit members. These groups must provide a standout value proposition to help answer a newcomer’s question “why would I bother to join?” When a potential new member sees that a  group’s programming includes upcoming trips to beautiful destinations and hears about the joy and magic experienced on past trips together, they’re instantly drawn in and curious to learn more.

3) Reap the Rewards Without Risk

By partnering with a group travel operator, professional associations can add trips to their programming without the risk and resource drain in planning it themselves. Once a group decides on a destination and date range, professionals at Experi manage the marketing, guest services, and full program operation. 

4) Create Unforgettable Content 

Professional associations could load their association’s website, social media pages, and promo materials with stock photos… Or, they could share the epic footage organically collected from their time abroad as a group! In addition to the amazing memories made together, members will have images, videos, and other content that can be used across platforms and promotions. In this way, they set themselves apart as an association that works hard and enjoys the bonne vie (“the good life”).  

If you’re interested in learning more about private group travel solutions for your professional association, please contact us at

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