Exclusive Wine & Food Journeys With

Quiddity Wines

Exclusive Wine & Food Journeys With

Quiddity Wines

We invite you to explore the world of wine with us. Getting to know different regions, connecting with producers and winemakers, and sitting down at the table to savor traditional local foods provide a window into the heart of an area, and we would like to share these experiences with our wine club community. Join us as we raise a glass and discover the world's best wine regions.

- Greg Peiker, Winemaker

The Rhône River

Exploration of the the Rhône Valley
and Provence by river ship

April 28 - May 5, 2024

Join your hosts Greg Peiker from Quiddity Wines as you discover the history, culture, and gastronomic traditions of the acclaimed wine region of Rhône Valley.

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