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Please note that all Experi Guests are required to be Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19, and also follow each country's entry and local jurisdiction participation requirements (if any). Fully Vaccinated and up-to-date on your COVID-19 vaccination increasingly means having received any additional vaccine "booster" shots recommended and available in addition to any initial vaccination(s). Also, please be aware that each country or local jurisdiction may at any time change its specific vaccination or testing requirements. We highly recommend you get Fully Vaccinated and stay up-to-date on any boosters. Please check the restrictions frequently and contact us if you have any questions.

Does Experi recommend Travel Insurance?

Yes, while we cannot sell or promote specific policies, we do highly recommend every guest strongly consider purchasing travel insurance for their entire trip, including additional optional coverages depending on their situation and comfort levels. You can learn more on our Travel Insurance page.

What are the Experi requirements related to COVID-19 vaccinations?

Most destinations we visit now require visitors to provide proof of vaccination to gain entry or participate in public activities. Many venues also require vaccination to participate, and therefore in order to provide our usual quality experiences to the entire group effective August 1, 2021, all Experi guests over the age of 12 must be Fully Vaccinated, and carry proof of such vaccination with them at all times. In addition, we require that each guest complete and sign the following Guest Health & Wellness Pledge prior to departure:

Guest Health & Wellness Pledge

If I already had COVID-19 and have recovered, do I still need to get vaccinated to travel with Experi?

Yes, you are required to be Fully Vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. Increasingly, many countries and the places we visit are refusing entry for those who do not carry proof of full vaccination no matter whether you had COVID prior.

Foreign Entry & US Re-entry Requirements

Destinations around the world have implemented differing rules and restrictions for entry, which are based on each country's situation and are subject to change at any  time. While we link to a number of websites and third-party services, we also recommend you check directly with local authorities and official sources for the most up-to-date information.

What are the country-by-country vaccination, testing, and entry form requirements for my trip?

Because vaccination and testing requirements are evolving rapidly, and differ by country, we recommend you use a third-party tool such as the one below as a reference. We also recommend you consult with your airline for any requirements they may have prior to boarding.

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These tools are only for informational purposes and if you have any questions please consult the local authorities websites or publications directly, or contact us with any questions.

What vaccination or testing requirements will I need to participate in public activies on my trip?

In addition to entry requirements, most countries also continue to have specific COVID-19 vaccination requirements to participate in many public activities such as public transportation, restaurants, and other activities.

As with entry requirements, we recommend you consult a third-party tool such as the one below and understand each countries public activity requirements (if any).

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These tools are only for informational purposes and if you have any questions please consult the local authorities publications directly or contact us with any questions.

Are there any vaccination or testing requirements for transiting countries on my flight to or from my program?

As with entry requirements, transit regulations are evolving and differ country to country. Please consult the same third-party resource below or each countries specific regulations for transiting.

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Are there any transit requirements for connecting through London (UK)?

Yes, since the UK is no longer part of the European Union and manages its borders separately, the United Kingdom has its own set of entry and transit requirements.

Check with your airline and final destination about potential additional testing, quarantine, or other requirements.

UK Transiting and Layover rules:

Learn more about transiting Heathrow airport here:

What are the re-entry requirements for returning to the US?

As of June 12, 2022 the United States is no longer requiring a negative Covid test prior to re-entry. Please be aware the CDC will be reassesing this policy after 90 days and may reinstate the negative test requirement.

The following US CDC website details the current testing requirements for re-entry into the United States.

Will Experi assist guests and cover the cost of the current CDC requirements of being tested before returning home to the USA?

Experi helps guests with scheduling COVID-19 testing for return to the United States at the end of Experi's program. The cost of any test is the guest's responsibility.

Since everyone's schedule can differ, guests staying longer in a destination after the tour has ended, or on to another destination, will need to arrange testing (if any) on their own.

As an alternative, many airlines are offering monitored at-home testing kits that can be purchased in advance. These tests are verified over a video internet chat to meet the re-entry requirements. Consult directly with your airline or each test specifically for more information on this option.

During your Travels

Are Experi Tour Directors, Local Guides, and Drivers vaccinated?

Yes, all Experi Travel Directors, Local Guides, and Drivers are fully vaccinated.

Will my fellow guests be vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes, all Experi trips now require all guests to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

What happens if a guest shows symptoms of COVID-19 while on a trip?

Experi will follow our existing policy of taking care of the guest as we would any sick guest. Our team, in conjunction with local authorities, will work with the guest to determine if testing is necessary and will follow local policies regarding isolation, quarantines, or other testing measures.

Rest assured while on the program Experi will help to navigate local logistics, but expenses for medical costs (if any), treatment, self-isolation, or other items outside the trip are the guest's responsibility. These may be offset by personal travel insurance if purchased separately in advance. Consult with your travel insurance provider for specific information.

If you are still considering reserving, you can learn more about our recommended travel insurance here:

What are the Experi protocols related to COVID-19 during the trip?

Experi will follow all local and regional protocols or mandates. Guests must follow the instruction of their Experi Director regarding mask protocols regardless of vaccination status. Guests should bring along their own masks and other products such as hand sanitizers, wipes, etc that contribute to a sense of well-being.

All of our vendors will follow the local and regional protocols including masking when required, sanitizing, social distancing, and limiting the number of guests in a party/location.

I am staying on after the Experi trip. Will Experi help me with testing if needed for re-entry?

Those staying on longer in a destination after the tour had ended will need to arrange their own testing to meet any return-home requirements (if any).

Depending on your final departure location our Travel Director may provide basic information for you.

Select Airline Health & Safety Information

Additional Travel Health Resources

What resources are available for learning more about travel guidelines and requirements related to COVID-19?

Centers for Disease Control Re-entry into the USA Requirements:

Destination Entry Requirements: This website allows you to enter your travel departure and destination with date ranges to get the most up-to-date information.

European Union Perspective:

Locating a testing site: For those who wish to make their own testing arrangements or who are traveling after the Experi trip you may find updated information at the following links:



Be sure to check with your airline as well as most carriers have detailed information regarding testing centers and options for re-entry to the US.


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