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Exclusive Wine & Food Journeys With

Va Piano Vineyards

Exclusive Wine & Food Journeys With

Justin Wylie - Va Piano Vineyards

A fourth-generation Walla Wallan, Justin became fascinated with the blossoming wine industry literally sprouting up in his backyard. He started making wine in his garage, learning from local winemakers, growers, and aficionados.

Before long, Justin found his palate and his hobby turned into a passion: with encouragement from friends and family, Justin began his first commercial crush in the fall of 2003 and Va Piano was born.

In his free time, Justin enjoys hanging out at the winery on the weekends and traveling the world with family and friends.

We invite you to travel with Justin through Europe’s renowned wine regions.


April 22 - 29, 2023

Extension to Lake Maggiore

Join Justin Wylie as you explore and taste your way through this famed region of Northern Italy nestled between the Ligurian coast and the Italian Alps.

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