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Driving in vintage cars on El Malecon, Havana, Cuba

Curious About Cuba? Experi Clears Up the Confusion

The allure of travel to Cuba is constantly growing. With nearly 5 million visitors last year, the island is sought after for its beaches, architecture, culture, and perhaps a few mojitos. With classic cars zooming by on the Malecon, those famous women in classic brightly colored Caribbean dresses smoking cigars in the Old Havana. The…

Cuban meal with pork tip steak, green peppers. white rice, black bean soup, and a garden salad with feta cheese

Whet Your Appetite: Cuba

Americans are itching to stroll through the streets of Old Havana, sip mojitos in Hemingway’s favorite bars, and take in immersive experiences like visiting family-run restaurants in the countryside or learning about tobacco farming and Cuban cigars right from the source. Read on to whet your appetite and give you the Cuba travel bug. And don’t…

Cooking class at Il Falconiere

Must Try Tastes of Tuscany 

If Italy is deemed the crown of Mediterranean cuisine, Tuscany would be the coveted gem of the country. While an unassuming vacationer may lump all Italian dishes into one category, regionally there are tasteful nuances to learn about through your travels that weave local meals as a storyline throughout the country. Tuscany itself is prided…

Rhone Valley

Rhone Valley — A Culture Shaped by Wine

Along with its breathtaking natural beauty, a constant feature of Southern France’s Rhône Valley has to be its tie to all things viticulture. This is definitely wine country and it has been for thousands of years. Within these thousands of years came many shifts — changes in what grapes were being grown, how they were…


5 Educational Experiences to Enjoy in Provence

Provence is a region in southern France steeped in sunshine, delicious food, and unimpeachable wine selections. Whether you’re recreating the artistic path of Van Gogh or trying to teach yourself the art of perfumery, Provence has myriad interests to delight both the casual enthusiast or the invested auteur. Read on to discover five educational experiences…

Lleida sky

Exploring Spain’s Catalonia Region: Lleida Travel Guide

Just two hours inland from Barcelona, you’ll come across a not-so-hidden gem tucked away in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region: Lleida. Full of history, culture, and stunning architecture, the small city of about 133,000 is one of the few areas in Spain that still looks and feels just like it did in decade’s past. Llieda is…

Harvesting Grapes

Croatian Conversations: Language Tips for Travelers

At Experi, we believe a travel experience is infinitely richer when we truly dive into a culture and make the effort to learn about the people and places we have the great fortune to visit. Going out of our way to learn a few phrases goes a long way toward connecting with locals. It shows…


Exploring Marseille — France’s Second City

While there are so many attractive and enticing cities in France, Marseille has to be one of the most spectacular. This Provencal city’s proximity to the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Lion and its limestone hills, and gorgeous national parks like Parc National des Calanques all point to the ideal location for incredible exploration. Along with…


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