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Rhône Valley — A Culture Shaped by Wine

Along with its breathtaking natural beauty, a constant feature of Southern France’s Rhône Valley is its tie to all things viticulture. This is quintessential wine country and has been for thousands of years. Within these thousands of years came many shifts – changes in what grapes were being grown, how they were tended and blended,…

5 Educational Experiences to Enjoy in Provence

5 Great Educational Experiences to Enjoy in Provence

Read on to discover five educational experiences to enjoy in Provence and enhance your understanding of the region.


Exploring Spain’s Catalonia Region: Lleida Travel Guide

Just two hours inland from Barcelona, you’ll come across a not-so-hidden gem tucked away in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region: Lleida. Full of history, culture, and stunning architecture, the small city of about 133,000 is one of the few areas in Spain that still looks and feels just like it did in decades past. Llieda is…

Croatian Language

Local Conversations: Croatian Language Tips for Travelers

If Croatia happens to be on your bucket list, read on to discover useful words and phrases and a bit of background on the Croatian language.


Exploring Marseille — France’s Second City

While there are so many attractive and enticing cities in France, Marseille has to be one of the most spectacular. This Provencal city’s proximity to the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Lion and its limestone hills, and gorgeous national parks like Parc National des Calanques all point to the ideal location for incredible exploration. Along with…

Ancient City of Naxos

Discover Sicily’s Ancient City of Naxos

Sicily screams summer travel, with its hours and hours of sun, nearly 1,000 miles of coastline along the Tyrrhenian, Mediterranean, and Ionian Seas, groves of plump lemons, and delicious street food to keep you satiated while wandering the sundrenched cities and towns. Chances are you’re more familiar with Sicily’s western side of the island, home…

Experi Reserve Wine

Introducing Experi Reserve: Something Special

Travel changes your perspective: New discoveries. Delightful experiences. Unforgettable flavors. Even years after returning from a special experience abroad, the feeling and memories of a great trip remain strong.  At Experi, we love to create private, exclusive food and wine experiences for our travel partners and their guests. Each one is unique and each partner…

Croatian Cuisine: Must-Try Tastes of the Dalmatian Coast

Croatian Cuisine: Must-Try Tastes of the Dalmatian Coast

Croatian cuisine has strong Italian, Germanic, and Turkish influences and features olive oils, cheeses, cured meats, lamb, and fresh seafood.


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