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Visit Alsace — Discover the Medieval Town of Strasbourg

Visit Alsace — Delight in Discovering the Medieval Town of Strasbourg

The region of Alsace has it all: cozy winstubs, the Alsatian wine route, picturesque cities and towns like Colmar and Mulhouse, architectural wonders for days. Yet amid the variety of monuments, iconic wines, and charming towns mixing French and German culture, Strasbourg stands out as the stop you should make if you can only make…

Wine Regions

Explore the Captivating Wine Regions of Provence

If you tend to think of Provence as the land of rosé, you wouldn’t be wrong. The wine regions of Provence in southeastern France yield huge quantities of wine (about 175 million bottles annually). Over half of these wines are rosé, followed by red wine, then by light whites.  Provence has long been famous for…

Panzanella: A Taste of Tuscan Cuisine - Explore Traditional and Creative Recipes

Panzanella: A Taste of Tuscan Cuisine

Tuscany’s longstanding answer to a summery tomato sandwich has to be panzanella. Think of it as a Italian “bread salad” with ripe garden vegetables. What could be better? Tuscan cuisine is delicious yet unpretentious. It takes a lot of inspiration from home cooking and peasant origins, with its defining phrase “cucina povera” meaning “poor cooking.”…

Puglia — The Adriatic Coast

Discover Puglia — The Adriatic Coast

With summer just around the corner, we’re all looking for the best global spots to take full advantage of the sun. Puglia’s Adriatic Coast makes the list every time. This hot-climate region of Southern Italy (known as Apulia in Italian) boasts 500 miles of gorgeous coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Miles and miles…


Visit Florence – The Birthplace of the Renaissance

In Florence, the present is artfully blended with the past. History around every corner. Cathedrals and other ancient monuments popping up throughout the city to remind you of the pervasive influence the bygone days have on modern times. But why does this capital city of Tuscany hold such significance? Florence was the birthplace of the…


Exploring Spain’s Catalonia Region: The Catalan Countryside

Venture out of the Barcelona city limits to experience culture and a slower pace of the Catalan countryside.

Wine Regions of Tuscany

Discover the Wine Regions of Tuscany

Every wine-seeking traveler inevitably finds themselves in Tuscany, the hilly land of winding roads lined with sculptural cypress trees and vineyards surrounding romantic hilltop towns. The wines here are famous, as is the rich landscape and food. As one of the most prolific wine-producing areas in Italy (and even in Europe), it’s no wonder Tuscany…

French Chef

Complete Guide to Provençal Cuisine

The region of Provence in southeastern France has so much to love: the French Riviera, lavender fields, epic landscapes and the Provençal Cuisine


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