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Maialata — Celebrating Food, Wine, and Old-World Traditions

Bringing together gourmands and oenophiles from around the world, Maialata is a day-long festival celebrating incredible food, wine, and the traditions behind them.


Exploring Catalonia: A Guide to Tarragona Travel

Fresh seafood and tapas bars, Roman ruins at every turn, beaches awarded the highest eco-recognitions — the city of Tarragona in Spain’s Catalonia region pretty much has it all.

Provence: Bouillabaisse

A Taste of Provence: Bouillabaisse

Once regarded as a poor man’s stew, bouillabaisse has become one of Provence’s most highly regarded dishes. Known for its use of Mediterranean seafood, fresh produce, and fragrant herbs, learn how this stew made popular by fishermen evolved to become a signature dish of Provencal cuisine.


5 Experiences in Puglia for Food and Wine Lovers

With a wealth of gastronomic experiences available in this sun-bleached, beach-lined heel of Italy’s boot, there is an abundance of things to see, do, and taste in Puglia for food and wine lovers.

Markets of Provence

Exploring the Outdoor Markets of Provence

Provence is defined by so many things, but one of the most iconic symbols of this region in southern France is the more than 500 outdoor markets that are held here annually.


A Journey Through Historic La Petite France

Amid the visual romance of Strasbourg and the greater Alsace region in northeastern France, Historic La Petite France is a charming focal point.

A food and wine lover's guide to Barcelona

The Best of Barcelona — A Food and Wine Lover’s Guide

Catalonia’s capital city of Barcelona is an exciting destination for food and wine lovers looking for the intersection of traditional cuisine and gourmet innovation.


7 Things to See, Do, and Taste in Provence

Provence is an area dense with culture to absorb, Roman history that will transport you back in time, and views of ochre hills and lush landscapes that inspired some of the world’s most famous artists. Oh, and don’t forget the beaches.


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