A Taste of Spain’s Basque Country: Kalimotxo

Red wine and cola? Mixed together? In equal parts? Yes, that’s exactly what Kalimotxo is. Pronounced cal-ee-MO-cho, it’s an incredibly iconic drink originating from Spain’s Basque Country, but found all around the world now. If you think wine and cola sounds a bit off putting, even flat out gross, I would have to agree with…

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A Taste of Spain: Basque Fishing Villages

Bountiful fishing hauls, salty sea breezes, walled cities — you can enjoy these delights and more in the fishing villages of Spain’s Basque Country. Located in northeast Spain, this region is famous for its charming and lively ports and seafood cuisine featuring fresh ingredients caught right in the Cantabrian Sea. While the larger cities of…

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Top 5 Tastes: Spain’s Basque Country

Basque Country is a truly unique region. Bridging the borders of Spain and France, Basque culture and cuisine is the perfect fusion of indigenous Basque, Spanish, and French influences. It’s a definite must-see for any traveler, but especially for those desiring a gourmet food experience in a picturesque setting. Basque cuisine is full of rich…

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Whet Your Appetite: Spain’s Basque Country

Coastal villages, tamarind trees, sparkling white wine called Txakoli. Spanning the border between Spain and France, Basque Country is a gorgeous region filled with acres of vineyards, views of the Bay of Biscay, and a fascinating history of the indigenous Basques whose language and culture are seen everywhere. We piqued your interest in Spain with Whet…

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