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Vineyards in the Oregon wine region of Willamette Valley owned by the winery Willamette Valley Vineyards

Top 5 Tastes: Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest, also known as Cascadia, is a beautiful and bountiful region in western North America bound by the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. While there is not an exact boundary, for our purposes we will define the area to include the states of Oregon and Washington, (sorry British Columbia). Pike Place Market,…


Whet Your Appetite: Provence

There are endless reasons why one should travel to Provence. The impossibly scenic region filled with lavender fields and Roman ruins. Sleepy hilltop villages filled with artisan shops and goods galore. Salt marshes and bountiful markets brimming with the region’s freshest foods. To say the least, the list goes on and on. Find some inspiration…

Spanish ham.

What is Gourmet Travel?

Food and drink travel has become a pretty big trend. More and more travelers are seeking gourmet experiences while they journey abroad. What better way to truly experience the essence of a destination than through its cuisine? Personally, my travel adventures have always centered around one thing: food (and drink). My most memorable experiences include…

Dinner with wine at a long table. Photo: Jamie Francis for 2013 Travel Portland.

Culinary Travel: How to Taste Your Way Around the World

You may have noticed a recent trend geared towards culinary travel. This should be no surprise. One of the best ways to experience a new destination is through your stomach. Culinary travel is not for all. Perhaps, you are one of those types of people that just “eats to stay alive.” Understandably this may not…


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