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10 Tastes From Around the World

10 Tastes from Around the World

My own life goal has been to taste my way around the world. Either at home or abroad, I am always on the search for the next best bite. What can I say, flavor makes me happy. Below is a short list of some my favorite tastes from around the world. My personal preferences vary, from the…

Top 5 Tastes Provence

Top 5 Tastes: Provence

The gastronomy of Provence is distinctive from the rest of France. Proximity to the Mediterranean, rich farmlands, and lush landscapes contribute to its simple, rustic, and flavorful cuisine. Provençal markets are chalk-full of seasonal produce, local cheeses, fresh herbs, and baked goods. Vineyards and olive trees dot the countryside made famous by Van Gogh. Want…

Whet Your Appetite: Spain

Whet Your Appetite: Spain

Spain is a food lovers mecca. I know this because I have gone three times in the last few years. My first encounter in Spain was a brief visit, or, more like a long layover. It just depends on how you prefer to view the situation. My travel buddy and I were en route home…


Olive Oil 101

Early this year, 60 Minutes unleashed a story about Italy’s Agromafia. That’s right, the Mafia has corrupted Italy’s olive oil business (among other food products). 60 Minutes stated that it’s an estimated $16-billion per year enterprise, meaning that much of the olive we import from Italy isn’t as pure as it seems. The most common type of…

Northern Italy Vineyard

Top Picks for Top Wine Experiences

Who doesn’t love a good ‘ole wine tasting?! Me… says NOBODY. It’s been a busy year for Experi, tasting our way around the world. Here are just a few of the wineries we’ve visited that made our list of top wine experiences.   Sokol Blosser, Willamette Valley The Blosser family began their legacy of winemaking in…

Top 5 Tastes Sicily

Top 5 Tastes: Sicily

Sicily has a unique culinary tradition that mirrors its rich cultural history. The island has been influenced by ancient Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, and North Africans. It is no coincidence then that the dishes found in Sicily draw inspiration from these ancient cultures. Add to that a unique landscape and climate, and you have the…

Salt and Maras Pepper

Whet Your Appetite: Peru

The country of Peru is a magical place. No, really. I had the opportunity to intimately explore Peru a couple of years ago and the place did cast a spell on me. The culture is enthralling, the people are some of the warmest and welcoming people I have ever met, and the food… well, let’s…

Shared shapanese meal.

Discovering the Best Eats of Japan

I was fortunate enough recently to spend 10 glorious food-filled days in Japan this October. If you didn’t know, then you will soon know after reading this that Japan is a gourmand’s dream come true. The entire country is rich with cultural traditions that are intertwined with their cuisine and hospitality. I was beyond delighted…


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