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San Juans Charter

Sailing the Salish Sea: A Vacation, Simplified

Eva is a friend of Experi and personal chef who finds a sense of place in local foods. She cooks for families in New York City as well as onboard chartered sailboats all over the world. Follow Eva’s adventures on her blog, Hunger is the Best Spice, and Instagram. Her blog is a culmination of years of training as…

Pacific Northwest

Whet Your Appetite: Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest holds a special place in my heart. It’s been my home now for two years after having spent my entire life in the Midwest. From British Columbia to Oregon, the entire western coastline is a beautiful and verdant area made up of breathtaking landscapes. Archipelagoes, vast mountain ranges, looming volcanoes, stunning beaches,…


Whet Your Appetite: Croatia

Situated between the Balkans and Central Europe, Croatia is an unassuming Mediterranean gem. Sun-drenched days, dazzling blue Adriatic waters, and a rich culture contribute to a laid-back vibe perfect for your next getaway. Learn about Croatia’s variety of gorgeous islands, like Vis and Hvar, and discover why Croatia is a must-see destination.   Fresh seafood…


How to Tame Cuban Rum

The liquid and smoke appeal of Cuba. We’re talking about rum and cigars, of course, the quintessential symbols of the Caribbean country whose allure has lasted decades and transcended generations. The culture of Cuban rum and cigars has given Cuba that permanent ambience of vintage glamour and decadence. Focusing solely on Cuban-style rum is enough…

Top 5 Tastes of Spain

Top 5 Tastes of Spain

The cuisine of Spain is a patchwork of influences – Roman, Greek, and even Arab, Persian, and Indian. Owed in part to historical invasions and conquests, Spanish food is a true mixture of flavors. Even more so than other countries, the tastes of Spain are incredibly varied, separated into distinct regional flavors with their own produce and…

Pouring Wine

What is a sommelier?

While beer sommeliers (or cicerones), sake sommeliers, and even water sommeliers are emerging in the world of beverage professionals, traditional sommeliers are wine experts. They’re absolutely the best of the best, having deeply researched all things wine, from varietals, to aging processes, to serving practices, to pairings. Pronounced soh-meh-lyay, a sommelier can also go by the antiquated term wine steward or wine waiter.…

Exotic Spices

How to Use Exotic Spices in Everyday Dishes

My number one goal when traveling is to taste something new each day. This usually means I end up with a few edible souvenirs to bring back home, including a variety of spices. With a bounty of exotic ingredients in my spice cabinet I try to challenge myself with new recipes that remind me of…


Whet Your Appetite: Puglia

Puglia, or Apulia, is the heel of Italy’s boot. This region borders the Adriatic Sea, providing gorgeous coastal views, fresh seafood, and a vibrant feel. No wonder it’s a common summer destination for Italians. Puglia is a fantastic place to explore if you’re looking for something truly authentic and a little off the beaten path in…


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